To contribute valuable skills and creativity to produce inspiring and quality recordings for Artists/Bands, TV, Commercials and Video Games.


Session Musician (Acoustic/Electric Guitars and Bass)

  • One Less Lonely Girl” by Justin Bieber (Def Jam)
  • Right Here Waiting” by Tynisha Keli “One Minute” by Khalil (Def Jam)
  • “Douchebag” by Mat Musto
  •  Demo work and placements with Atlanta based Platinum Producers of A-Rex Productions. (February 2008-Present)

Music Producer/Composer

  •  iPhone Game SCRAP! (Composition, Production and Sound Design)
    Client: Splitcode (Nov 2009-Present)
  • Presentation and Web Videos (Composition, Production, Sound Design)
    Client: Ice Cube Media (September-December 2009)
  • Website Music (Composition, Production)
    Client: KMGi (October-December 2009)


  • Blink Music : Studio, Production, and Scoring
    Cambridge, MA November 2010 to December 2011


Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA 2005-2009
Contemporary Writing and Production, Bachelor of Music

  • Awarded the Berklee Entering Student Talent Scholarship (B.E.S.T Scholarship)
  • 90 Day Licensing Challenge with successful exclusive placements with DL Music production library.

Partial Class List: Scoring to Visuals, MIDI Applications for the Writer, Slap Bass Studies 1, Ear Training, Advanced Production for the Writer and Private Lessons with: Lenny Stallworth, Dave Clark, Fernando Huergo.

Skills and Software

  •  Composed, Produced and Mixed for an Orchestra, Small and Large Jazz
    Ensembles, Pop/Rock Bands, and Electronic Music Genres.
  • Proficient with Logic Pro, Pro Tools HD and Native, Ableton Live, iZotope RX, Kontakt, Finale, Sibelius.
  •  Other Software- HTML, Skype, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud.